What I offer you in counselling and psychotherapy.

You may feel that life at this time is difficult for you, that you may need some additional help to work your difficulties through with someone completely separate from your everyday life. How do you imagine it would be for you to have someone really listen?

In modern times we are surrounded by an overload of information and advice. I don’t offer solutions and rarely offer advice or information. I simply offer a quiet space for exploration of life as you experience it,  trusting in your ability to seek your own solutions and choices in life.

I’ll do me very best to get some sense of what it is like to be you in your world and will often tell you what I am experiencing about you. I will never fully get what it is like to be you, only you can do that, although sometimes I will get very near. Sometimes I miss completely, you will usually let me know. This seems to have the effect of helping people to understand more of what it is like to be themselves and the way that they live.

I will accept you for who you are, I will not judge you, I have a simple faith in your own ability to move forward in life as you choose it. My guess is that many people visiting these pages, considering whether to contact me as a therapist, may feel like they have little choice, in their life at this time.

What happens now?

If you are considering working with me in counselling we will meet for an initial 50 minute assessment session. This is as much for you to assess whether counselling with me is for you, as it is for me to check whether counselling with me is appropriate.

Some people decide they only want a small number of sessions, others want long term work.
It is your choice.

I offer Skype counselling for those people that prefer to engage this way or where distance is an issue. Sometimes clients choose an initial assessment session by Skype followed by face to face work

Sessions are 50 Minutes – Fee £45

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